By devin, 4 February, 2022

Gradle doesn't really expose an option for you to run your build without running tests. We were able to make this work by looking for an environment variable:

By devin, 17 January, 2022

Note: I have a couple of Amazon links in here, but these aren't going to track you - I just have them to document the components I used.

I'm trying to get rid of my Amazon FireTV Cube. The last remaining feature I use is saying "Computer, turn off the TV" before I go to bed. I'd like to switch this over to "Hey Mycroft, turn off the TV". This documents my journey.

By devin, 7 October, 2021

I'd like to make this into a full-featured post at some point, but for now I'm just writing down the essentials for getting a working ipv4 openvpn setup to work using ipv6. There are two steps:

By devin, 17 June, 2021

My team is currently migrating one of our Java codebases from junit 4 to 5, and with it we lost two of our favourite features: mocking static methods with PowerMock, and Theories. I'll leave Theories alone in this post so I can focus on PowerMock.

PowerMock has served us well but has some drawbacks, mainly around its slow performance and arcane errors due to the way PowerMock changes your classloading.

By devin, 18 January, 2020

Last December, I needed to do a long drive across Southern Ontario to pick up my girlfriend. This was meant to be a 12 hour round trip by car covering roughly 1000km.

View of my route from Elora to Pembroke and back on Google Maps

By devin, 12 May, 2019

I love thinking about human psychology. In particular, I love thinking about things humans do that are non-obvious, but pervasively drive their behaviour.

I can think of two general principles that drive a great deal of human behaviour, yet are non-obvious.

By devin, 26 March, 2019

I have to start this post with some self-reflection. It's easy to believe that only stupid people get swept up in cults. I heard a few years ago, however, that in fact intelligent people are in fact more likely to join a cult (article, reference).

As a practising Christian, I've therefore spent a lot of time considering whether I'm just another naive cult member.