Read Later: Economist article on American Primacy

I'm going to save this to read it later. You can read it now if you like :)

Brilliant paper on programming & education by EW Dijkstra

This is an amazing paper by EW Dijkstra. Please go and read it ASAP.

Here's a quotation:

Moral Dilemmas

I'm watching Ender's Game right now. Spoiler alert!

The book/movie plays with an interesting moral situation. The Formics come and kill a whole bunch of humans; morally reprehensible. But then from their perspective, killing little mindless ants is like cutting off fingers from the one actual mind at the centre of the Formic fleet. From ours, it's awful.

Then Mazer Rackham killed the one live Formic in the fleet - murder! Reprehensible! At least, reprehensible to the Formics. Of course, in reality the humans killed one mind, and the Formics killed thousands.