How much faith is enough?

By devin, 14 January, 2016

I have solid faith based on rational skepticism and the axiom that 'God exists'

Atheists have the same; solid faith based on rational skepticism and the axiom that "God does not exist"

I'm fine when I read a study about religious belief leading to less altruistic behaviour, because I've already incorporated that into my worldview

I'm constantly impressed by those who have more faith than me - they do good and make good decisions! I know my rationalism is not the whole story, much as Richard Dawkins and I both wish it were

But I have a lot of these very faithful (read: Pentecostal haha) Christian friends. When they get too close to a study (or news article about that study) that contradicts their comfortable claims, they are crushed or have a crisis of faith. I also witness this with my Christian friends who are new to faith and haven't spent a lot of time considering all of the angles.

Luckily Paul told us: "put all things to the test". So it's clear that we can't be breezily faithful, and we need to engage with science and progress, even if it means changing a few cherished beliefs.

In conclusion: faith and rationality reconcile if you realize we're all just basing our wordlview on an axiom: God does [not] exist.

And of course I know that believing in Him has led me to know incredible things I would have never otherwise known. So if you're reading this and don't believe - why not relinquish a few cherished beliefs of your own?

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