Ubuntu's lack of new features is exciting!

By devin, 2 October, 2014

I've used Ubuntu on a daily basis since version 8.04 in 2008. I used to follow the new releases religiously, reading up on the new features and getting excited. I used to install beta versions, then moved to installing the version on the day it came out, then to waiting a month after release. Nowadays I use LTS releases only and I wait the extra month.

But I still long for the titillation of new features. I just looked up Ubuntu 14.10 today and there were no pithy "Top Ten new features of Ubuntu 14.10 you can't live without". To be fair, omgubuntu's articles were getting a little tame. Maybe they'll  pull together enough mojo for another features article on omgubuntu closer to the release date.

But I think the real answer is that there simply aren't glitzy new features. Look at this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UtopicUnicorn/ReleaseNotes. It's a lot more boring than it used to be. Remember when they added Unity? Remember when they switched from OpenOffice to LibreOffice?

But I'm actually pretty excited about this trend because it demonstrates in yet another way that Ubuntu is ready for desktop users. There are about as many problems as a person has switching to Mac OS/X, with the possible exception of Microsoft Office. What that really means is that anyone can use Ubuntu, Mac OS/X, or Windows and the switching headache is the same.

That's good for the future. Because I really, really like Ubuntu. It makes me productive and I can share it with others to make them more productive. 

http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/contribute to contribute :)

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